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Jeremy Lin Takes the NBA and New York by Storm

Jeremy Lin JerseysIn a little over a week's time, Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks has gone from obscurity to national prominence and the cover of Sports Illustrated. 'Linsanity' has become a phrase known all across America, and #linsanity has become the most used Twitter hashtag.

So who is Jeremy Lin? He's the NBA's first American-Taiwanese player and in a small sample size of a handful of NBA games where he was thrust into the Knicks starting lineup, he's become THE story in the NBA in 2012. Lin led the team in scoring each of his first 6 games, all Knicks victories. Lin is 23 years old, hails from California and entered the NBA in 2010 after playing for the Harvard Crimson.

Lin has found himself on the front of New York City sports pages every day, and this is in a city where the New York Giants just won the Super Bowl. Can Lin keep up this dizzying pace and carry the Knicks to the 2012 NBA Playoffs? To be determined of course but in any case, Jeremy Lin NY Knicks jerseys have become the #1 selling sports apparel.

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