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New Nike NFL Jerseys for 2013 Season: Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars

The 2013 NFL season is underway! And three franchises have brand new logos this season, and new gear and jerseys to go along with those new logos.

The NFL team with the most radical new look for 2013 is the Miami Dolphins. They have changed their team colors back to the traditional 'bluer' teal color from years ago, and have a completely new logo to go along with it. Nike has launched new Miami Dolphins jerseys to go with the new logo, and they're proving to be popular with the teams' fans. The Dolphins new logo helmet also features a white face mask, making the Dolphins only the 2nd NFL team to use that color (along with the Chiefs).

Also for 2013, the Minnesota Vikings have done a slight tweak to their logo and launched new jerseys to go with it. The 2013 Minnesota Vikings jerseys feature a more modern font on the numbers and player name lettering on the jerseys. The change in the logo is a moderate change to the traditional 'Viking', on his horns and beard primarily. The new logo is also reflected on the Vikings football helmets and other team merchandise.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the third team to feature a new logo and revised team colors for the 2013 NFL season. The Jags' logo has been changed moderately but the team jerseys are much different, with a new color scheme. The 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys feature the color black more promininently, and also have a small Jags logo added to the right front shoulder area of the jerseys. Perhaps the biggest Jaguars merchandise change for 2013 is the new helmets, which feature the first-ever NFL helmets with multiple colors. The new Jaguars helmets are black on the front, and gold colored on the back.

New Nike jerseys are now available for purchase: 2013 Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys and other merchandise are now all in stock.

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