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Canadiens and Bruins in 2016 NHL Winter Classic: Outdoor Hockey in Boston!

Always one of the league's top events every year, the 2016 New Year's Day NHL Winter Classic is coming to Boston, with the Montreal Canadiens taking on their arch rival the Boston Bruins at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

Featuring top hockey stars Carey Price, PK Subban and Patrice Bergeron, there is lots of marquee appeal in this matchup. Not to mention the appeal of two Original 6 NHL teams that are also each other's biggest rival.

The 2016 NHL Winter Classic will feature both teams wearing special edition Winter Classic jerseys, both featuring retro designs. A good choice for two Original 6 hockey teams.

In addition to the special jerseys, there is also available Winter Classic hats, knit caps, tshirts and hoodies, for both the Canadiens and Bruins. These items are already proving to be very popular with fans of both teams.

The NHL Winter Classic features unique jerseys and apparel worn by both the Habs and Bruins. These special edition 2016 Winter Classic items are now available for purchase at Big Sport Shop. Quantities are limited though.

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